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Job Search Besties Circle

Job Search Besties Circle

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The Job Search Besties Circle is a vibrant, supportive community designed to transform your job search journey into a collaborative, empowering experience.

Why Join the Job Search Besties Circle?

Community and Support: Connect with like-minded individuals and build a network that supports you throughout your job search. Our community is here to lift you up and keep you motivated.

Expert Guidance: Work with some of the best reverse recruiters in the industry. Get personalized support and actionable steps to land your ideal job.

Structured Learning: Our 7-week program includes biweekly workshops and coworking sessions that cover everything you need to succeed.

What’s Included?

Week 1: Workshop #1 - Career Strategy and Clarity

Week 2: Coworking Session

Week 3: Workshop #2 - Resume and LinkedIn Optimization

Week 4: Coworking Session

Week 5: Workshop #3 - Interview Prep

Week 6: Coworking Session

Week 7: Workshop #4 - Salary Negotiation Prep

Additional Benefits

Group Chat: Engage with your job search besties and expert reverse recruiters.

High-Priority Job Listings: Weekly job postings tailored to your career goals.

Proven Resume Templates: Access templates that have helped clients secure six-figure remote jobs at top companies.

Personalized Feedback: Get tailored support for your resume and job search strategy.

Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to all workshop recordings, our learning library, and our comprehensive e-book.

Weekly Structure

Every week includes a workshop or coworking session. After each workshop, join our virtual coworking sessions where you can apply what you’ve learned:

Work on your resume

Sign up for essential tools

Participate in application power hours

Team up for interview prep sessions

Join the Job Search Besties Circle today and turn your job search journey into a supportive and successful adventure!

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